Jeff Markell brings a successful career of 20+ Years of Mortgage Origination and Management to Empire Home Loans. He is passionate about getting loans funded line and enjoys working with seniors. Jeff loves to over-deliver…You won’t be disappointed! #ReverseMortgage #GrandpaMortgage #HelpingSeniors #SeniorSolutions #SeniorAdvocate #AgingInPlace #RetirementPlanning #AgeFriendly #ActiveSeniors #HECM #HomeEquity #RetirementPlan #CashFlow #AgingGracefully #NonRecourse #ForeverHome #BabyBoomers #SilverTsunami #GreatResignation #UntappedEquity #QualityOfLife #FreeAndClear #GoodEquity #WatchThisForAMinute #BestLife #EnhanceRetirement #EnjoyRetirement #RetirementTool #RetirementGoals #RetireInStyle #ReverseForPurchase #HECMForPurchase #OlderAmericans #CaliforniaHomeLoans #OrangeCountyHomeLoans #ArizonaHomeLoans #WashingtonHomeLoans

About Jeff Markell and Reverse Mortgage Nuts & Bolts

How Does a Reverse Mortgage Work?

Facts and Fiction About Reverse Mortgages

Reverse Mortgage Myth #1 – The Bank Will Own My Home

How Are Reverse Mortgage Funds Used?

Reverse Mortgage Myth #2 – How Can I qualify for a Reverse Mortgage When I Already Have a Mortgage?

Reverse vs Traditional Mortgages

Reverse Mortgage Myth #3 – Reverse Mortgages Have Large Out-Of-Pocket Expenses

Who Qualifies For a Reverse Mortgage?

Reverse Mortgages Simplified

Reverse Mortgage for Purchase

HELOC vs Reverse Mortgage Line Of Credit

Paying Off Reverse Mortgages

How Do Reverse Mortgages Increase Cash Flow?

Are Reverse Mortgages Safe?

What Are the Benefits of Proprietary or Jumbo Mortgages?

Why Should Seniors Consider a Reverse Mortgage?

Baby Boomers, Reverse Mortgages and Retirement Cash Flow

Why Talk to a Reverse Mortgage Specialist?

F-CANCER Bike Ride: 104.2 Miles on 04/02/2014

Let’s all work together to continue to bring increased awareness to the fact we still do not have a cure for Cancer. How come? We need to push our elected officials to fund more research and put more pressure on the medical community to make the cure a reality, sooner rather than later. I salute all the people dealing with Cancer and fighting it with everything they’ve got. Warriors! #FCancer

One lap down and one to go…

So bummed this one cut-off early. With the traffic noise, I didn’t hear an incoming call and it stopped the video. I went on to show the hills behind me and the difficulty of some of the climbs, but it was nothing compared to the pain Cancer brings into one’s life. The agony of the diagnosis, the difficulty of surgery, chemo, radiation and the stress that’s brought on the family. One more time, please get screened if you haven’t already done it. Thank you all for your support, it kept me going! F-CANCER BIKE 104.2 miles, 04/02/2014. #IHateCancer 

Jeff Markell – U.S. Air Force Veteran – NMLS 224196
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